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Download Shakira’s self-titled album on iTunes: Buy Shakira’s self-titled album on Target: Shakira performing Empire. (C) 2014 Ace Entertainment

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Cristóbal Castillo says:

No conosia esta cansion 😅

Corinne Bostwick says:

I think at least 2 million of these views are mine LOL I just never get sick of this song 💜

hermenegildo lopez says:

Me encanta n las canciones de shakira

Ahem Loli says:

empire good

Safa Benz says:

Who still listen to this in 2018 !! Amazing song more deep feelings

jeon ssi says:

that's so out of blue but i sing to this song last night till now. it's been awhile since i listen to this song. i miss her music hope she make new release soon

Richard Večeřa says:

At 3:03 Its best, Shak shows up how Beautifull voice She has.😍😍

TMNT April and Karai says:

Every Girl not deserve to be married girls have their own dreams and song make me cry first voice is so awesome and the video subject is very great (sorry if I had any grammar mistake) anyway I love shakira

Alo Hawii :3 says:

Te amo i love Youtube

Azor Ahai says:

The part when she whispers "And I'm like" two times and then screams it is kinda creepy, like she's suddenly transformed into some kind of a godzilla, or a mecha-Shakira.

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