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Fati Ma says:

2021 😌😍

Latifa Siffer says:

2021 😍💓💓

Zilola Daniyarovna says:

After 11 years ❤

Jannat zubair Faizu says:

Jan 2021 28

ShahRukh YT says:

Jherilinagin 😁

Gopi kalal says:

Very emotional song

Kürizu Senpaix says:

I always listen to it on camfrog as background music 💃💃

Ashan Ali says:

Ring my bell Rings My bell
Song my heart touching ..❤️❤️

Souha Jedidi says:

Enrique is a legend ❤️❤️

Shamsa Atiq says:

Who is listing it 2021

Niente De Spécial says:

2021 ✌️♥️♥️

KMNO4 FF says:

Starting 2021 LIKE hear and support my Yt channel – KMNO4 FF

Yoga Maha Putra says:

at the end of january 2021

Maroua benaouf says:

Who's still listening to this in 2021 ?

Sinchana Meghna says:

Jan 2021 ❤️

Luna Lovegood says:

Ich habe dieses Lied als Kind so geliebt😍Wie heute noch😍

Rose Papillon says:


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