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The official video for ‘Thinking Out Loud’, Ed learnt to dance!
‘x’, available to buy via iTunes here:
Featuring and taught by @dance10Brittany and @dance10Paul

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sabrina rosa says:

😥 cadê o meu?! Se perdeu nesse mundo e nenhuma pista eu tenho de onde esteja !🌬♥️

Lucy Diniz says:

Na minha opinião não é uma música para entrada da noiva
E sim da dança dos noivos

Ebo Sam says:

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carkod says:

I am number 2,864,694,660 view

Érika Vanessa Nogueira says:


Anne Florence Gboko Okou says:


Preet Khinda says:

😁Plays guitar with her leg..❤️

Daniel Chura says:

Ya pasaron 5 años desde que salio esta cancion <]:{v

Bendus Red says:

Yo nice dancemoves mr sheeran you gotta give me few lessons in the upcomin weeks 😀

Bejuta kh says:

I m at my23 now👩‍🦰 ✌️😊perfect time to listen this song… 😁 And i will comeback at my 70👩‍🦳❤️😇

Bejuta kh says:

Sometimes this song gives me energy when i m extremely exhausted from work.. Just a special song for me 😊

Vikram says:

CHECK – VIKRAM – The Mortal Dance Of Kali (Official Music Video)

Vikram says:

CHECK – VIKRAM – The Mortal Dance Of Kali (Official Music Video)

Zipps Studios says:


Bikku Negi says:

One of the loveliest song ever 💞💖💞

Livia Fernandes says:

I'm so single I can't even relate to this song

meliodas otaku says:

Essa muié faz umas voadora aí que me mata fi 🧐🧐🧐🧐

Tweety R. says:

I love this song ♥️♥️♥️

Roman Fatima says:

OH Man!! Am i really watching the number of views right???Like…. its amazinggggg

Maria guadalupe Nieto says:

I are you listeng 2019 december romantic song

Leticia Oliveira says:

Amoo festa de 15 vamos lá…..

Xero Punt says:

What's up to those who hate/cringe to this song like me. Especially the " take me.." part, why doesn't he also say "carry me through the door" lol. Schmaltzy lies. Heard it in the store today & wish I had my headphones & blasted some obscure greasy funk or euro prog…

Saihanuma Rahul says:

Why Ed sheeran is not there in top singers in YouTube rewind 2019
That's why I disliked…

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