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Music video by UB40 performing Red Red Wine (2002 Digital Remaster).


Thayna Gonçalves says:

Mds ele é a cara do Harry Styles omg

Salvatore Arigliani says:

che dire?Brano celestiale.

Elineide Santos Santos says:

Canta muito

Cheffy0130 says:

Just gimme my red red wine!

Awesome Andrew says:

did you know bob marley died of melanoma? I secretly think his weed was laced with cyanide and blamed on that.

andy sams says:

80s is the best time for music.

Black Oyibo says:

Who's here in 2k18

jackofalltrades says:

Music peaked in 1988. It has been all downhill since. Loved every song from every genre. When a top 10 hit actually was a hit

J'Naia Hunee says:

What year was this song first released by UB40?

Margaret Browne says:

James go to sleep and i can dream with u

Max Mahabur says:

UB40 – Red Red Wine
1983,1985,1995,2005, 2015……n

Kay Singh says:

Bought up listening to UB40 n still am 🍷😎

Margaret Browne says:

The monkey got chocked they all went to heaven in a little row boat. Row ur boat merrily down the streem merry christ mas life it quite a dream.

Latifah Jauharah says:

I remember in 2007 I was 8months pregnant that I couldn't attend your show in Kampala and I saw a chopper up with a big UB40 banner with ur music on loud speakers ………I really cried coz I love u so much…..I missed ur show!!!

Alejandro Alcantara says:

bonita canción

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