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Hernán Alegre says:

Esta canción jamás pasará de moda.

Donald Leske Sr. says:

POS SHAKIRA YOUTUBE Copyright rules will not allow a beautiful girl to run her video with "Hips don't lie" for background music. All it does is bring more attention to Shakira through another channel or doorway, but it is a shame to waste this talent, so see her here. By the way we do not know this girl or where she lives, just thought it was cool that she honored Shakira this way;

Rajesh Bishwakarma says:

Even today i just dis song and dance

Samantha Rose says:

Love this song

Alim KÖSE says:

Ses verin🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Jaider Morales says:

Representa trajes típicos del Carnaval de Barranquilla

Lone Wolf says:

11th of March 2018 😊

Mr Kyn says:

Shakira number one

rigboy_ moreno_80 says:

Mae mia el niño momia como se mueve :v( esque casi no se mueve :v )

Ivan Bukovac says:

Shakira, you timeless classic! Keep on keeping ahead of the generations after you. Hope you release more songs of this type because I have no doubt in my mind that this song will never fade.

cive says:

wie kent die t-shirt nog van paar jaar geleden van holland

noayRL43 says:

She should be tied down on torture table and get her feet soles licked by goats for tickling torture; so that her toes would be dancing too

tover3.0 says:

Quien viene por bytarifa

Lars Fischer says:

Voll gut ❤

Heaven Williams says:

Lol my mom would always play this and belly dance with Shakira and she would teach me and my sisters to belly dance😂

Nantana Cheawpanich says:

Who's listen today?

coolguy bubs says:

why does this sound like "Amores Como El Nuestro" lol… hips dont lie came out in 2005 and Amores Como El Nuestro came out in 1992. both good songs tho

Edward Morrón says:

Nadie vio la sombra que aparece en el minuto 1:00? PAUSEN EL VIDEO

Universal Simulator says:

Музыка похожа на русскую песню, "ах Самара городок, беспокойная я". Обратите внимание, ребята!

casu ullal says:

Todo este tiempo pensé que la momia era pertenece del video, pero muchísimos comentarios hablan sobre eso: como sobre vieron el fantasma o vieron a la momia o vieron eso o vieron la niña quemada o vieron que espeluznante… Verdad o mentira ?

hola :D says:

Like si solo viniste por

Subat Shahabidin says:

lionel messi fan

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