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Pitbull’s official music video for ‘Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)’ ft. T-Pain. Click to listen to Pitbull on Spotify: As featured on Planet Pit. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: More from Pitbull Timber: International Love: Give Me Everything: Follow Pitbull Website: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to Pitbull on YouTube: More great Global Hitsvideos here: ——— Lyrics: Hey baby girl what you doing tonight I wanna see what you got in store Hey baby – giving it your all when you’re dancing on me I wanna see if you can give me some more Hey baby – you can be my girl I can be your man and we can pump this jam however you want Hey baby, pump it from the side pump it upside down or we can pump it from the back to the front Hey baby Ooh baby baby, La La La La La La La.. (Aaah) Ooh baby baby, La La La La La La La.. (Aaah) Ooh baby baby, La La La La La La La.. (Aaah) Ooh baby baby, La La La La La La La.. (Hey Baby) Ooh drop it to the floor, make me wanna say it Yeah you can shake some more, make me wanna say it Ooh you got it, because you make me wanna say Don’t stop it – I want you tonight


Fnaf Central says:

Its every day bro with that fortnite flow

Fnaf Central says:


stormgaminglp says:

The song starts getting good at 3:24

pipi fabi says:

Nice kto z 2018


It's my heroooooooooo😆😆

hekktik says:


80% of all comments have 2018 in them
60% of all comments are plain 2018 with nothing else

ashliam19 says:

Me I well lessen to this every year and day

Mickel-Ange Bolduc says:

Salut j'ai 7ans 🔫🔫💲💲💲💲😎😎😎😎😎😎👊👊👊👍👍👍✌✌☺☺☺😙💀💀💀💀💀👽👽👽👽👽😊😊😊😈😈😈😈😈😈

Drilona Plaka says:


Алга Кыргызстан says:

2018 ? 17:53

Stacy Gutierrez says:


Nikita Kravtsov says:

Bro I remember getting hyped to this song when I was like 8😂😂

MLG Pennywise says:

T-pain looks like a time traveler lol. I have this song on iTunes.

Chaib Asmaa says:


Dajana Roggenbuck says:

Du bist mein. Lipksinger

jose zepeda parra says:


Tomass .J says:

Who's here from Latvia?

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