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Kizomba Mix 2014 – The best hits selection performed by Mark & Krista

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music created in Angola. Derived directly from Zouk music, sung generally in Portuguese, it is a genre of music with a romantic flow mixed with African rhythm. The kizomba dancing style is also very sensual.

1. Alguen Ki Un Gosta – Originally performed by G-Amado feat. Mika Mendes
2. Alta Segurança – Originally performer by Philip Monteiro ( 3:53 )
3. Amor E Bo – Originally performed by Atim feat. Nelson Freitas ( 9:57 )
4. Criola – Originally performed by Mika Mendes ( 14:25 )
5. Deeper – Originally performed by Nelson Freitas feat. Kaysha ( 18:46 )
6. I Miss You So Much – Originally performed by Lil John ( 22:52 )
7. I Wish – Originally performed by Nelson Freitas ( 27:15 )
8. Magico – Originally performed by Mika Mendes ( 31:43 )
9. N’oublie Pas – Originally performed by Mika Mendes ( 35:38 )
10. Put It Down – Originally performed by Elizio feat. Mika Mendes ( 39:25 )
11. Question My Heart – Originally performed by Kaysha ( 44:20 )
12. Rebound Chick – Originally performed by Nelson Freitas ( 48:47 )
13. Sem Vergonha – Originally performed by Nichols ( 52:25 )
14. Titiriti – Originally performer by Calo Pascoal ( 56:10 )
15. Touch Me – Originally performed by To Semedo ( 59:11 )

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ballilatini says:

Watch also our latest kizomba video

Omayra cardozo says:

Jamás imaginé sentirme tan relajada con kisonbaaaaaa…..uepaaaaaa…esoooo.ehhhhh

Afrikaner says:

Merci beaucoup pour cette sélection de musique Kizomba

M Hy says:

So are you telling the world, that there are NO black females dancing with black males? YOu mean to say that we dont know how or dont dance? How insulting and small minded can a world of people be?!!!

Imoisi Lucky says:

j'aime la musique

WheezyE says:

@4:05 It's the Gerudo Valley theme from Legend of Zelda!!

TechTitan says:

I dont know the language but i love Kizomba Music with all my heart.
I listen to this GOOD MUSIC everyday.
It gives me that emotional moment, I would dance alone. this is good music.
i will learn your language one day guys, your music rocks. 100%.

Gustavo Guerrero says:

Me gustaría saber como se llaman las dos primeras canciones que sonaron al principio me encataron bastante y quiero descargarla para mi carpeta de kizomba quien sepa un millón de gracias OBRIGADO 😉

Gustavo Guerrero says:

Alguen me podria decir como se llaman las dos primeras canciones y quienes la cantan me gustaron demasiado…….. y pa la verdad quiero descargarla en mi carpeta de kizomba saludos gente

Waleed Abdelmoneim Ashiry says:

kizomba is the best voice

Waleed Abdelmoneim Ashiry says:

kizomba is the best voice

Waleed Abdelmoneim Ashiry says:

kizomba is the best voice

Waleed Abdelmoneim Ashiry says:

kizomba is the best voice

JL says:

C'est trop bien

Manuel Canduca says:

Ouvindo essa música eu choro

Doug Davis says:

Does Krista do the singing?

Ludmila Andr says:

What's the second song?

Gabriel Silva says:

Love kizomba

Anthony Samin says:

What's the name of the 2nd song?

Eduardo bazilio says:

10:03 a melhor

Ricky Verona says:

Krista & Mark alta segurança

SAMBA CARNIVAL & DANCE JAPAN @blackpirates7 says:


Aqua Lover says:

39.53 best song… Awesome I'm in 3.15 at night and my body dance…… Ah…. Sexy passion dance, it's nit dance is sex, it's power, if I dance with one man will fire myself…. Wil explode

CHRIStian Antony Mendoza Melendez says:

Que piolaza tmr¡¡ es lo mejor que he escuchado

Светлана Полевикова says:

подскажите первую песню😊

Ranjeet Kumar says:


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