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This is a Kizomba mix. Some of the songs may be Cabo love, but since the line between Kizomba and Cabo is very thin, I’m calling them Kizomba.

I put together some different Kizomba mixes that I made throughout the years, and that is why some songs are new and some others are fairly old. I really think they blend in well together though.

I did not bother including the list of the songs in this description as all songs titles and artists names are included in the video itself.

Hope you like it!

I posted many other videos with different genres, just type DJ Cece to have access more of my work!!!


LilC2000 says:

I don't understand what there saying but I like it..

D Mac says:

two years on and I'm still listening

Vassilios Pegios says:

e kiff trop cette music et danse

Relifox Maxime says:

C'est quoi le song a la 18 ème minute svp ?

muriel graindorge says:

je kiff trop cette music et danse

Vilma Hofland says:


Wendy Woodside says:

I love you so much sigh davinci


Dolcita High says:

i wish i had the name of the songs

Makeda R says:

DJ Cece, wawundi?
Kindly share the song list, please? :p
I am in love with the mix

Don Vaillancourt says:

What's the song at 3:30?

Mathieu Boissy says:

c'est tres cool 

Van hillaeck Hernandez hill says:

Texas,last nite this song was so dammmn on floor with da fat ass cabo gyal 

Jean Bokassa says:

je suis fou de ce son de malade qui représente mon âme et ma destinée ver la lumière

Jean Bokassa says:

le top du top

edu Linus says:


lilijuju92 says:

quel est le nom de la music a la 15:20 

dzagss says:

First: Nelson Freitas – Rebound Chick

enrique inocente colqui says:

ya queria escuchar algo diferente hace mucho tiempo, mil gracias!!!!

Juan Carlos Terrero says:

alguien me puede decir quien canta la primera cancion

Maria Concetta Vassallo says:

Stupenda questa canzone.è molto bello anche il video.

André Vieira says:

è o maximo nada melhor que kizomba

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