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Juliet Trimmingham says:

Original 🔥🔥♨️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Sajid Saddaq says:

My teenage Jams ,love it☝️☝️☝️🇵🇰🇬🇧

Isabella Rojas lara says:


Wendy Greenaway says:

Hope they are cillecting royalty from omarion. Cause this song around since 1993-94.. i went to their concert in the national stadium i was still a teenager.. love these guys.

Dani Roberto Zamoran Bermudez says:

Tiempos de tiempo… un verdadera rola muy linda

Pablo Monge says:

De aquí se inspiraron para sacar ¨El taxi¨, nótese el sarcasmo.

Harrison Lawrence says:


T Martien509 says:

June 2020. But the like

Saint Laurent says:

Am looking for a jamaican partner

Evans says:

2020 June and still rocking…

Axel Noriega says:

Cómo pudieron samplear una obra de arte para crear una mierda llamada el taxi :v

Christlina john says:

who say 2020?

Wilson Perez says:

Si bailaste esta canción en su tiempo como yo, .. Lo mejor es que te quedes en casa,, estas viejo@😁

Egziber Fiqr nw says:

my fove Tik tok music

Bobby Gi says:

You're listening to the best of Reggae tunes, Dancehall and Ragga. Damn this tune never grows old.

Toma Dauda says:

Dope chune..still jamming in 2020

mocromouse bubblingbreakbeats says:


Steve Masuli says:

Greetings kwa mpalika onse

Steve Masuli says:

Remind me about my younger brother Sandie Welos Masuli. Achina Derec , Charles, Joseph Macheso

Shelby m says:

Still the shit even in 2020

Jobi El Fenomenal says:

Big up Jamaica🇯🇲 love from Puerto Rico🇵🇷 #carribeanpride

happy mbele says:

My uncle u to say this album has RnB, hip hop, Rap, Reggae, Disco etc. He was not a smoker or reggae /ragga sound but this album was bupping everyday

Mel S says:

June 2020…This right had me doing moves I haven’t done in YEARS…I was trying to do the started out good but then I heard Snap Crackle and POP….show was immediately over 😂🤣

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