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Break A Sweat Available Now! Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: Google Play: Join Becky’s Boot Camp by heading to where you can participate in her weekly workouts, hear all the latest songs on her Spotify workout playlist and signup for weekly prize pack giveaways! Follow Becky! «LIKE» on Facebook: FOLLOW on Twitter: FOLLOW on Instagram:


BeckyGVEVO says:

Escucha lo mejor de Becky G
Escucha Becky G – Lyric Videos
Escucha BeckyG – Official Videos
Escucha Becky G – Live

Richard Dinkins says:

This song is for Holly because I always break a sweat because I am working all day and night for her

Jose de jesus Jimenez-sanchez says:

Tiempo al tiempo
Estudia termina tu carrera.
🎓doctorado seria magnífico

ldshadowlady fan says:

I love this song !!!!!!

Richard Dinkins says:

This song is just got a good beat and it reminds me of Holly

Ana Estrada says:

Estoy orgullosa de ti Becky

Mari Cardenas says:

Me encanto like si te encanto

Esmeralda Yedra Ramirez says:

Esta mejor que antes que se ve becky g

Norma Rodriguez says:

Love this song

Norma Rodriguez says:

My birthday party theme is Becky G

Shane Beard says:

cool song I’m shanebearddj

Cardi B says:

I still love this song #beckyg

Domi Guzman says:

Men canta la cancione

Natalie Nicole says:

Dude all the promo in her videos though

barry allen says:

Temazooooo LPM

Jose de jesus Jimenez-sanchez says:

Te quiero mucho al igual que mis dos hijas.
Como le digo a ellas estudien y el futuro será mucho mejor.
Para ustedes y para mi.😁

Shane Beard says:

I love you Becky g I’m shanebearddj

Lisa Simmons says:

This my song#teambeckyg

Leslie’s World172! says:


Gabriel Marquez says:

I love Becky g break a sweat 😂

kajal Janglie says:

Baby break a sweat 🎆

Ninomark 10 says:

jeffy rap song is the best

Ninomark 10 says:

Why wood you tell babies to do that

Ninomark 10 says:

you 👶🔫 do this

Ninomark 10 says:

if I can I´ll give this video 100000000000000dis likes

Ninomark 10 says:

why wood you tell babies to do that

Cookiegirl158 says:

When the last time you heard this was 5 Year’s ago and now you understand the lyrics XD

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