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The series that began with the worldwide success Vintage Reggae Café keeps growing. This exclusive Trilogy version collects the three original albums in one. 2 hours 18 minutes pointedto reach the finest mix between reggae grooves with hits across several decades.
Vintage Reggae Café Trilogy presents acclaimed songs composed by musicians like John Lennon, Sting, Lana del Rey, The Killers, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, David Guetta, Adele, Martin Solveig, Brian Eno, The Clash, Crowded House, Paul Young, Cyndi Lauper, Eurythmics, Berlin, Georgio Moroder, Martika, a-Ha, Midnight Oil. Foster The People., Coldplay.
Hope you´ll enjoy it!

Vintage Reggae Café is the best expression of Jamaican music produced in this decade. Versions of the biggest hits from the world of pop swing to the pulse of the steel drum that has conquered listeners the world over. There was not a party last year that didn’t peak with the album’s version of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People or The Killers’ Human. has become a symbol worldwide of both elegance and good taste.

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1. (00:00) Blue Jeans – Natty Bong
2. (04:17) Human – Sublime Reggae Kings
3. (08:07) Somebody that I used to know – Freedom Dub
4. (12:17) Back to black – The Reggister’s
5. (15:57) Memories – Groove Da Praia
6. (19:03) Set fire to the rain – Stereo Dub
7. (22:58) Hello – General Soundbwoy
8. (25:54) Love’s a game – Trippynova
9. (30:15) Sexy bitch – Various Artists
10. (33:50) Pumped up kicks – Dual Sessions
11. (37:18) I won’t let you down – Beluga’s Trio
12. (40:58) Paradise – Urban Love, Rolla

01.- (44:55) Groove Da Praia – The Final Countdown
02 – (48:44) Natty Bong – Royals
03 – (53:00) Sublime Reggae Kings – Ho Hey
04 – (56:26) General Soundbwoy – Locked Out Of Heaven
05 – (1:00:30) Beluga’s Trio – Love is Never Over
06 – (1:04:28) Jamaican Reggae Cuts – Four To The Floor
07 – (1:08:10) Vintage Reggae Soundsystem – Safe and Sound
08 – (1:11:55) Stereo Dub, Melizza – Get Lucky
09 – (1:15:17) Trippynova – Hit The Road Jack
10 – (1:18:00) The Reggister’s – Good Feeling
11 – (1:22:30) Shamanic Dub – Ayahuasca Trip
12 – (1:26:23) Bristol Love, Rolla – Strawberry Fields Forever

Vol.3 (80´s)
01. (1:29:58) Vintage Reggae Soundsystem – Every Breath You Take
02. (1:34:21) Urban Love – Don’t Dream It’s Over
03. (1:38:39) Jamaican Reggae Cuts – Every Time You Go Away
04. (1:43:43) The Reggister’s – Girls Just Want to Have Fun
05. (1:46:31) Natty Bong – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
06. (1:49:24) Sublime Reggae Kings – Take My Breath Away
07. (1:53:24) Groove Da Praia – Toy Soldiers
08. (1:58:21) General Soundbwoy – Take on Me
09. (2:02:55) Freedom Dub – Woman
10. (2:06:14) Bristol Love – Beds Are Burning
11. (2:10:52) Groovy Waters – Rock the Casbah
12. (2:14:43) Beluga’s Trio – Living on Both Sides


Petrosek Robert-Nick says:

This is not vintage.. and not really reggae…


estos covers son de lo mejor para pasar un rato y relajarse

Chau Giang says:


Claudia Rivadeneira says:

The Best – desde ARGENTINA Felicitaciones

Nada Komelj says:

Amazing ♥️👏♥️👏

กัญชลี กัญชลี says:


Michele De Crescenzo says:

Walking across Sicily while I'm Flying with this

Helen Silva says:


Rox Duarte says:

Demasiado bueno, adoré toda la selección …. ….. trabajo súper relajada !!! =)

jay siddhapura says:

Sinking deep, surrounded by smoke ! 🤗

Candee Quintana says:

me encantó jeje <3

Jose Rodriguez says:


valter moura says:

Musicas de bom gosto!

Carina Tuttobene says:

Sooooo cool 😎 i love it so much

Maria V says:

bad stuff man

thehoneyeffect says:

Erm why are all the women you’ve chosen to be the images for ‘vintage reggae cafe’ All white?

Why whitewash black music? You could have used images of black women.


Peter Pan says:

Me gustan las versiones en plan reagge.Aunque alguna no pegue mucho con dicha música.
Saludos a todos e intentar pasar un buen rato…

clock w0rk says:

thats not reggae that's mainstream pop music with a different baseline

Allan Agard says:

Check out Dirty Politician & The Way of The World by The Conscious Underground. Bless UP!

John Bamba says:

Try to relax from hard day and helps me a little thank you

Scott Meech says:

Ummmm… I like it, but you need to learn the definition of vintage… none of these songs are even close to vintage

Alex Winde says:

Sound cloud?

angelica Maia says:

Reggae 🍸 a Deus já! 🍴Hum peru Seara to chegando 🍫

angelica Maia says:

💂☠🇧🇴🐎💅👝👛💄adoro 👠🎒🎂

angelica Maia says:

🇧🇴reggae 🍸🎡🎧adoro ☠

angelica Maia says:


angelica Maia says:


angelica Maia says:

🎧pulseira do reggae

angelica Maia says:

Reggae 🍸🎡🎂

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