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kamo says:

와… 너무 좋다. 진짜 취향저격…

Willy Deivys says:

I love this video….every time i saw i learn something new!!!!

Fabio Consoli says:

🙌 Fantastico

Nadim Hernandez says:

It is incredible the connection that make us feel with every video. Every note. Really this girl is a prodigious from de music maybe a reencarnation of niccolo Paganini or someone else.. She's so cute her music is really awesome there's not exist word to describe it.

Gordana Kovacic says:

Awesome, just awesom! She is the past and the future.

Cœur Caramel says:


Ancha Fourie says:

I have listened to Lindsey Stirling for years, and recently started learning violin, only now knowing how good she actually is😂😂😬👌

MADBRO says:

Lindsey you sure are a really good violinist I too play the violin and you and Taylor Davis are my insperation

Jonatan Plouffe says:


Вадим Манеркин says:

Когда то в детстве, увидел скрипача и он как то хреново пиликал. С тех пор относился к подобной музыке " на любителя, и я не из них". Но, увидев(услышав), эту девушку я пересмотрел свои взгляды. Эта девочка подарила мне целый мир замечательной и прекрасной музыки, мимо которой, раньше, я бы прошел мимо.

marlade koreke says:

İlk baş bir filmden sahne sandım yav 😁

valkiria 236 says:

Violinist talented very very good a new inspiration for me thanks for you and the video and the Music you talented

jacob larcabal says:

more violin dancing please

Asal A says:

I love this video.Lindsey Stirling play with her heart that why it makes me cry even without lyrics

Marius Dami says:

What is that

Musiclight 1 says:

One of my favorite songs from you 🙂

Clara Do says:

i swear she could make a living figure skating if she wanted.

Annelise Hogan says:

this is so good!

Jose Gamez says:

I like the post apocalyptic vibe , with the music

Keigen Wolves-Bane says:

Just saying…all her videos have at least 1,000,000 views…love you Lindsey!

nicoban 24 says:

T'es trop top …Je suis acrop …

louvors le debutant says:

You are so pretty and the best

Frankiks says:

Amazing <3

Lily Zhuang says:

She is so graceful and talented

Monika Julian says:

I love music so much💝

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