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Teejay – From Rags to Riches (Official Music Video)

Produced by Damage Musiq

#teejay #damagemusiq #reggae #dancehall #ragstoriches


@NatalieTynes says:

Triple r lives on, Ramos you will always be remembered, you came from Rags to Riches!

@gillesbanton3808 says:

Rich and bad up like 7 🇯🇲

@dididon3520 says:

Still a listen believe

@mekealasinclairsinclair97 says:


@mekealasinclairsinclair97 says:


@dumisanimumba6459 says:

Nobody knows what tomorrow my bring from lags to riches

@AfricanOutput says:

How come DJing in Jamaica drop dung from Shabba Ranks heights, to this ya?

@oneilseville3859 says:

Sed speed out side

@kyriezra says:

look at africa supporting
beautiful jamaica

@RVictory777 says:


@Badbitchbad-zw1tq says:

Lol dancer lol everything nice up top boss

@Badbitchbad-zw1tq says:

I get gobump from his songs

@jstreet7834 says:

Takes me back this tune………

@leshanroberts5144 says:

this is The truth u on fire TEEJAY ..BLESSIN TO U LOVE UR MUSIC

@otenglekolwane8669 says:

Still here ❤🎉

@Sophia_Luna657 says:

This song hits different when you single
Deadlift workout music right here a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took Teejay oFf 2 da big leagues and fo dat I will always be super grate

@JoshJamrock says:

Big Chune Teejay!

@TykwonALLAH says:

This is a hit 🎯💯

@Shadelessthingz says:

Everything is correct! Melody, execution, message, vocals, timing, mix, Riddim, levels💯 TALENT

@RVictory777 says:

My fav song.. 💯

@thakurramjattan2391 says:

1.20…. it's meh favorite

@jimdillon3766 says:

More more more…. I want more .. ❤

@ToureJean-op2rf says:

Lep reel sometimes you hop /down

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