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Latest visual from Snoop Lion’s Grammy-nominated album, Reincarnated ( Featuring Collie Buddz & cameos from Sugafree, Curren$y + more!

Directed by John Mazyck
Executive Producer – Ian Mallitz
Producer – Tefferi Mogus

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shuvajit adhikary says:

Smoke weed everyday

Overwatch Moments says:

Only 4 days left.


Aldo Narvaez says:


神Spear says:

look at that flow 0:47

Attila The Khunt says:

nigga smoked so much weed he became lion for a while

TEO GUS says:

Big up 💨💨💨

Offset Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo says:

Great song but the g pen sucks dude….

Oshea Freeman says:

I'm smoking right now 😁

Adil Saifi says:

sounds great

luke cox says:

Hit a bong everytime snoop lion makes a weed reference

luke cox says:

Hit a bong everytime snoop lion makes a weed reference

Travis Wright says:


Travis Wright says:


Yonathan Gomez says:

Snoop dog leyenda l am chilean weed

Abhishek Sharma says:

weed is need

WILLIAN leonardo says:

William e danilo

Suraj mishra says:

Is that 54M stoners?

C Last says:

Knew A Gain – Knew Again = NewAgain

Troll King says:

Smoke the weed everyday don’t smoke the seed noway

Mandrak Forze says:

I like, very good

Dangerous Angelman says:

Best plant in the universe!!!

Reigns Amore says:

Im so high rn.

Brazilian Empire Ball says:

I heard annex Uruguay?

Caascell walters says:

I've loved this song 4ever I love buds 4ever

Sandeep Mehra says:

J's up 🙏

Vicky Soni says:


zulhairiey Rastaman says:

weedd in malay

Sebastian Parra says:

Weed is live

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