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Selección en vinilo de Insipidub (Ras Fraguas & Mikel)

Para descargar:!DAUmBT7B!mwFvnAgJPA2kH8hV2vT8LhehnOHtE4q_gbUfgJdK25U

I kong – Life roads (7 inch)
The Symbols – Misunderstanding + dub (7 inch)
Enos Mcleod – Jericho + dub (12 inch)
Freddie Mcgregor – Jah can count on i + dub (7 inch)
Freddy Mckay – Nah mek it look so + dub (7 inch)
The Royal Rasses – Spaceship (discomix, 12 inch)
Willie Williams – Come make we rally extended (12 inch)
Yabby You – 30 pieces of silver (7 inch)
johnny clarke – Babylon (discomix 12 inch)
Tommy McCook – Crazy Balhead Horns (10 inch)
The Officials – Babylonians + dub (7 inch)
King Tubby – Request Granted (7 inch)
Errol Dubkley – Black Cinderella (LP)
Augustus Pablo – Cinderella in Black (LP)
The Heptones – Guiding Star (7 inch)
Augustus Pablo – My Guiding Red (7inch)
Cornell Campbell – Your Company (10 inch)
Sylford Walker – Jah Golden Pen + dub (7 inch)
Joy White – Dread out de (7 inch)
Spiderman – Eagle Special (7 inch)
Prince Allah – Daniel (12 inch)
Noel Ellis – Memories extended (LP)
Pablo Gad – Sad Mistake (LP)
Joshua Moses – Africa is our Land extended (12 inch)
Bobby Melody – True True Loving (7 inch)
Earl 16 – Freedom (10 inch)
U Brown – World Want Freedom (10 inch)
Unknow Artist – Right Now (10 inch)
Judy Mowatt – Black Woman (7 inch)
Joy Tulloch – Black Beauty (7 inch)
Yvonne Sterling – For Just one Night + dub (7 inch)


carlos roldanching says:

buena hermano

Tomasz S says:

Judas w 47" , pięknie o miłości śpiewa, :-!:-)

Tomasz S says:

27'' w(in) lanngiage:-) Polski, brzmi to du mejk me luksom

Ann Robbins says:

AWESOME MIX , but what again dose this photo have to do with Jah. Ratsta !!!!!!! REGGAE MUSIC .

Kirill310581 says:

Guys, can anyone tell me please name of the song at 10:04? That tune just trapped me on. Peace from Ukraine

Jesus Lopez says:

26:20 song? 🙂

Ruben Arias Contador Público says:

audiotransportacion pino colombia cali dezepas

German Rts says:

hola no anda el link lo quisiera descargar!! muy buen compilado!!

Cristina Costantini says:

…super tunes..!! amazing..!

Killa Sallymon Sal's Garden says:

Dem gOod goOd vibes

Mervyn Moe says:

Very nice .Blassing

wellen susu says:

very good!!!!

wellen susu says:

Jah rastafári!!!!!!

Claudia Vannini says:

grande amigo!!! fantabulosas selecciones de temas.
una delicia. muchas gracias!!

Joan Leão says:

roots natty !!

Uddāmo Bālo says:

15 are deaf.

mark ochieng says:

Waaaagwaaaaan great selection and nice flow.Salute all the time.

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