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@beaberros1187 says:

Me encantaría que actúasen en un escenario Ricky y Shakira


Grande Artista. Completo. Sou fã.

@ThamirysAlmeida-cv8pz says:


@marcusvinicius-ln4bt says:

Que publico desanimado, todos sentados

@alejandroortiz5555 says:

Por qué usa pañal gigante?

@amavelisousa9962 says:


@SilvanaRodrigues-ex1lq says:


@user-iu9vc6ii3x says:

From Palm Springs CA Hello and welcome to California. Rick Martin. Viva Puerto Rico.

@amavelisousa9962 says:

Esta tdo horrivel. Figurino, voz, coreografia. Ricki, Ricki, tira esse figurino. Q calca horrivel😮😮😮😮

@amavelisousa9962 says:

E horrivel😂😂😂

@amavelisousa9962 says:

Figurino horrivel😮Amo o ricki❤mais a roupa o show esta muito estranho. Cade aquele gala e sensual de palco? Estsa roupa te deixa fora de orbita.

@myyoutube8040 says:

I wouldn't be sitting down that is not an option when he is on stage. Only seen video and he take my breathe away every time with his dirty moves. Just love him ❤🇩🇰🥰🌹💕 love from Denmark

@Deefordee28 says:

What a boring crowd

@user-jb8nj9qd8q says:

Да все дается с трудом репертуар не подновляется на сцене какая то непонятная тусовка рика рика так хочется чтоб ты обрел молодость красоту звучание голоса свои неповторимые трюки на сцене ты бесподобен твои наряды твои клипы твой грандиозный успех слава награды признание по всем мире разбитые навсегда сердца поклонниц ты неподражаем

@legaretanya1707 says:

Wow 🤩

To. Montreal Ricky Martin
So. Adorable 🥰
Is cool 🆒
From Tanya Canada 🇨🇦

@dawn5158 says:

Why he has a beard? When he is really good looking guy!!

@arollazymy1371 says:

i would love to attend his concert like crazy if he come to Kuala Lumpur 🎉

@user-qf4rp5fn4s says:

Что то с вами не так пошло

@porter1711 says:

can someone enlighten me, what the heck is going on with these big loose trousers and big platforms he's wearing. I understand it is 2024 etc, but for real? Love RM since the beginning but I wonder if he's got the right stylist or it's a paid campaign or smth. Dress code so off the chart for a latino. MPOV

@user-pk1xo1og7m says:

So good! Proffessional !

@user-fo5fp9id3m says:


@Cristian-yt1vd says:

💋 "Promo sm"

@sylvaneidesoares5025 says:


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