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Positive reggae vybz something to chill on.

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I Do Not Own Song/Songs In This Video, They Belong To It’s Respective Owners. Please Support The Artist/Artists By Purchasing Their Album/Songs.

1.Duane Stephenson – Think twice
2.Turbulance – Stay away
3.Luciano – I can you can
4.Sir Ford – Oh lord
5.Zamunda – Forever loving jah
6.Luthan Fyah – Rastafari leads the way
7.Anthony B – To much guns in town
8.Devano – In tgis jungle
9.Fantan Mojah – Rasta got soul
10.Lymie Murray – Your right
11.Bobby Treasure – Everybody is Important
12.Chino – A nuh nothing
13.Singer Jah – Wah di war fah
14.Luciano – 400 years
15.Luthan Fyah – Badmind
16.Teflon – Blessing coming my way
17.Terro Slim – Thank you
18.Voicemail – How do you know
19.Turbulance – Eyes for you
20.Jermaine Micheal – On my mind


tyrunt weird says:

rest in peace died by skin cancer

Lca Wit says:

I love this riddim ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Daniel Gutierrez says:

Enlevando mis sentido bum anthony B

Robert Brooo says:

God is great✌🏽🙏

Norbert Krista says:

❤✌ Best Mix


Love the positive REGGAE vibes…. Helps me relax and chill and just get lost for a bit! #PEACE

Amz Bee says:

I'd love to hear a rasta sing about the good white people for once instead about rastas all the time, and not just bout the conflict they spread among not just themselves but upon the good cuscascian people also. This is not fair! I believe in Jesus Christ, and listening to this reggae makes the lord very angry because it actually sound selfish as fuck because they only sing about their "people" rather than the rest like us! So, please! If you are a rasta reading this know that you need to make your paths straight by stopping completely the racism against white peple in your music because it's cruel and immature as hell. Think about what I just told you! Black people are the same as white people so stop bejng proud of a nation that's the same as the rest. Amen, in jesus name I have made my testimony! You can try to hurt me, Jamaica, but no matter what happens, I will live, thanks be to God! (For me and the rest of the victims, black and white, in reggae music) this unbalance of our world cannot go on any longer, I mean, have you looked around you?????? where THE FUCK IS THE LOVE FOR ALL PEOPLE, TOGETHER?!!!…. JUST STOP IT!!! The world will only be a better place when people take their heads out of their asses and accept this message and spread it. I pray SO HARD TO JESUS THAT THIS MESSAGE TOUCHES ALL HEARTS WHO NEED IT. THE LORD WILL NOT RETURN UNTIL RASICM IS GONE!! WE NEED JESUS SO PLEASE, REJECT RASICM! Your abuse in return from this massage has not succeeded because I am saved. I mean it! And I'm not all about the money!!! Listen to your heart and you'll know I'm telling the truth, and for fuck sake not the heart of Satan!!! I come from no political party, I'm just a girl from Ireland who sees just way too much badness, and who cries and hides all the time!!! So please, thanks yourself lucky for reading this because you are blessed right now.

Karla Gómez says:

el mejor regge

Asanda Emanuel says:


Arthur Aquino says:

~Algum brasileiro aqui que tbm gosta desses reggae, curt

rivière sabrina says:

houloulou j adooooore le reggae sérieux hum une fan de l île de la réunion au top 👍 👍 👍 😘💖

gamer progamer says:

Nice reggae

Bogdan Calina says:

Light a blunt, lay back, relax and enjoy this mix

Osmin Gonzales says:

Listening👊 regue from Honduras😍😎

SEYTI says:

il n'a pas plus belle musique que le reggae

SEYTI says:

quand j ecoute le premier morceau je pleure c ouf

Darlene Gonçalves says:

ai sim ✌🎶

Mathilde Schmidl says:

Der Mix ist cool

David Barreto says:

Que buena mezcla de reggae…

African Bigot says:

Flexing on my HW with this beautiful soothing mix of yours!!!!

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