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Pitbull’s official music video for ‘Rain Over Me’ ft. Marc Anthony. Click to listen to Pitbull on Spotify:

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A billion’s a new million
Voli’s a new vodka
Forty is the new 30
Baby you’re a rock star
Dale veterana, que tú sabe
Más de la cuenta, no te hagas
Teach me baby, or better yet,
Freak me baby, yes, yes
I’m freaky baby, I’mma make sure that your peach feels peachy baby
No bullshit broads, I like my women sexy, classy, sassy
Powerful yes, they love to get a little nasty, ow
This ain’t a game you’ll see, you can put the blame on me
Dale muñequita, abre ahí, and let it rain over me

Girl my body don’t lie
I’m outta my mind
Let it rain over me
I’m rising so high
Out of my mind
So let it rain over me

Ay ay ay
Ay ay ay
Let it rain over me
Ay ay ay
Ay ay ay
Let it rain over me


tiger tv says:

yes yes yes

Naveen Chawla says:

shweta you are awesome

Pascal Hofmann says:

Marc Anthony King of Pop😊😍

Alvi Hoque says:

Mind blowing bro 👌👌👌👌☺☺😉😉😉

cadnaan deeley seerabta seerabta says:


Umar khan says:

Let it rain over me!!!!!

Aila Chaudry says:

I love this song but in the description the lyrics for this song are bullshit

ImaCeilingFan And I blow says:

All he says is Let it Rain Over Me

Lanika says:

0:32 for a second I thought that woman was Rihanna.

Fu off Raid says:

2018 !!!!!!

Uma zuma says:

Нелли россия

Uma zuma says:


Ghaleb Alamry says:

Back to 2011,
Great memories
And safe world,
And obviously trump was still busy wrestling

RealTruth Channel says:

Insurance Scammers be like "Let it ran over me"

Dhiren Dharmani says:

Still a fab song 😍😍

Hayden Rodriguez says:

at first i thought that was adam levine

Hayden Rodriguez says:

let the song rain over me

Raman Preet says:

Plan for 1 billion …..

Kishkinda Das says:

Wooooooooooooooooohooooooooo Fata fati gaan ta.

زين السلام says:


TNP Caster says:


A tricks says:

Hi Guys ! i came from future 2018

Ayda Castillo says:

Mi amor bello precioso el mejor

michaelJacksonFan Joseph says:

Who watching this in 2k18

Regina Pulsifer says:

Que la escucha en el 2018 🔥💓

Blaa Blaa says:

Cade os brs

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