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Pitbull Interview with Eric Worre (2017)


L.A. S. says:

I had a different perspective about him, but when he began to talk…. respect

Terry Fresh says:

Pitbull speaking facts 💯👍

Alannah Stritch says:


Oleg Sborshchikov says:

mr worldwide

vishal damai says:

Love and respect from India 👍💐

Adnan Alam says:

He looks like sins

carlos cuervo says:

10 percent talent ? Sorry you have none as an artist , entrepreneur? Yes , just the best , to succeed selling shit proves it big time .

carlos cuervo says:

Seller not artist.

Ellie Hough says:

2 thumbs having a convo

Luis Justiniano says:

He is my uncle

Anant Gangwar says:

You're best PitBull

Wong Weim says:

Pitbill is good

Quintenornelis says:

I am not sure if the comments are sarcastic or not

Ilija says:

He truly is an amazing and humble man, too bad the younger generations won't appreciate him like they appreciate those "rappers" like Lil Peep

The Truth says:

11:10 just hit it on the nose. smart man!

Daniel Aldrin says:

pitbull sucks

Vanessa Gomez Portillo says:

wow, truely inspiring.

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