Pitbull Get Up Levantate

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Pitbull – Get Up Levantate off of his album the kraziest


Jay Jai says:

Nice melody

Oscae garcia says:

like this song because is in Spanish and English

Angel Quijano says:

walmart brought me here lol

oH yEaH yEaH says:

Sientate everybody sit down

ZZZman1980 says:

hola,vengo de ver el comercial de walmart!

Dariian Elena says:


florent desort says:

Va la taté elle vas perdre des kilos (…) ♫♪ mdrr 

Kimberly Rowland says:

My Zumba song lol xD

macky romy says:

I like hes girls

Alma Cuellar Alvarez says:

Levantate webones

MsTechnogeek101 says:

MY favorite song by pitbull! 😀

Jonathan Frias says:

Give up se escrive
No get up jaj

Alejandro Perez says:

oye porfa dime como se yaman todas las canciones pooooooooooorrrrrrrrrffffffaaaaaaaaa!!!!

anna anna says:

bello..ti amo!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

HarryPalma says:

Adrian Gonzalez walk up song for the Doyers is mexican sinaloa music so all the illegal alien anchor babies in the toilet bowl (doyer stadium) can buy his jerseys. STUUUPID

Frank Ojeda says:

Welcome to L.A. Adrian!

Finn says:

Gonzo is such a boss and this song totally fits him!

carlitos santana says:

Ya tengo la cancion para mi despertador <3

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