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Official music video for Pitbull – Culo (feat. Lil Jon)
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Blade Wilson says:

This is the best song by pitbull.

ツPepinoSensual says:

They censored other words but never censored "Culo"

Yaziry Perez says:

staoer sauoa nsia saoeu salc sami sair kaer sac ia sia osi asir tsper sanc toiar can sans

Yaziry Perez says:

asirwr saipt samoa saur eais. fasioys cansi asot cuan saoey saoa sacn uaoe sac uaoey saou saea saie lai saor saic tsiera sac

lA niñA MaY says:

Esta tan linda esta tan rica 😎👑💲

AK47MR408miniPIT says:

Pitbull has the best song

Aleph Guzmán says:

…This Track …Bring Memories When Our Hispanic North Recovery Legacy …First ALCOHOLICS ANONIMOUS Mostly North Face Location & Unity/w RESPONSABILITY DEPENDENCY FOR ME… (2009-2010) Over There In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada…The Answer: BRITTISH COMMON WEALTH…All Around Exquisiteness ..A Fit, Suiting A Delightful Colourful Britt Female Dress… You Know What…!!! Spaniard 1st. NEW HOPE…?

Valeria Salinas says:


r92 Dx says:

True reggaeton True Pitbull

Say My Name says:

Mr. Worldwide 🙂

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