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Jaretzy ibarra says:

2018😂😂 ima dance this for my quince

Pepe Marcovich lindo says:

me encanta Jajaja😍💕👍🎶🎵

Alquimista de memes says:

Hermosa música rica para haver bailar incluso los que no saben x'D

Dead Supergirl says:

I love this song

Donna Rodriguez says:

Sì perfectó🖤🖤

Gabriela Pozi says:

mi shd LG w

T Rod says:

I still jam to this in my parties…😍 and I'm 27

T Rod says:

When my grandma use to throw the house parties….when i was little 🤗😍😍😍

Dayana López says:

Lindaa musikaaaa😍😍😍

Nancy Tyson says:

Mi Gente lol

Angelina Rosario says:


Miriam Olivos says:

Me gustaaaa 💃🏻💃🏻

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