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Music video for «Lightning» by Mortimer (@mortimermusic). Available now at

Directed by Pete Beng
Produced by Claire Osman
Production Coordinator: Emily Newland
Color Grading: Jean Ousmane

Song produced by Winta James for Overstand Entertainment
Distributed by Easy Star Records

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@EthelAmadi-y8f says:

Love this song so much ❤

@tonyodhiambo2305 says:

I can listen to this song forever.

@AnastasiaBless-h6n says:

I just love this song..This song still brings up all the sudden lost memories..❤

@moonshot74 says:

What a beautiful tune, God blessing Love🙏🏾🤎🙌🏾🫶🏾

@BKHAN08 says:

🇬🇾 love you ❤

@cherriehay says:

Who can tell me hold long he is shining

@karakeelan3760 says:

Still hits the heart

@siphomunyai4934 says:

Hit maker, Hit song….☀⚡🔥

@alexmvo says:

Alguém do Brasil curtindo essa "pedrada"???

@lifewithkyt9816 says:

What a beautiful song 🥹❤️‍🩹

@Aye_Tae says:

Dont Hurt Me Because You Know I Forgive. That part hit different when its tru

@RastaEmpress502 says:

June 2024 only finding out about this song! It's definitely my favourite ❤🎉

@GarthArcher-gv1gq says:

BPR b Parnell records rich people music

@Forlife_the_one says:


@johanmbaabu1580 says:

good music if you love it, please leave a like

@Chulacisneross says:

I love you Lumi bears

@dameon-iz5zq says:

Bro i listen to this song from old harbour to montego bay on repeat big tune this bro keep focus

@igotatheory876 says:

Maaaaaan damn, this lil simple vibe slap like praise Jah and n the morning….without the long family namesake!!!! ❤❤❤

@jeromefavour5692 says:

Who’s listening to from Africa. Nigeria

@StephenARMSTRONG-vm9zq says:

I'm listening

@bwangachibwe8345 says:

I was a fan of Mortimer but i am now an aircon

@bwangachibwe8345 says:

Listening in 2024 from Livingstone Zambia………….Rasta salute

@jkaleo says:

I pray god will send me someone that I can sing this song too

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