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Dark Choirs in Gothic Cathedrals from the Metatron Omega album Evangelikon.
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“Metatron Omega presents us his fourth album on Cryo Chamber, Evangelikon

Under the ever-watching Eye of the distant, yet omnipresent cosmic force, Man has been growing and constructing his own symbols of himself and of the Ages. The great Mover is slowly pushing the grand mechanism of time and space, altogether with the boundaries of Universe, toward a greater step of knowing.
And look: a tri fold nature of Man has been exposed and put under a trial. His body, his mind and his spirit had come under the shining ray of Revelation, where there are no secrets. Within the boundless, deep, architecture of cosmic monastery of the Universe, one seeks his destiny and perceives the journey he is upon, with his eyes transfixed by the boundless silhouette of the great Kosmokrator, reigning supreme at the Throne of Life. The gates are open, and the priests of Evangelikon have begun their mass.

Recommended for fans of dark choir and ancient temples “

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zejarra says:

Zdravo Scorpio V ! When can we expect to see the next new album on Bandcamp? Thanks for the teaser. Your art takes me to dimensions of meditative atmospheric

Jerem S says:

You're always there Metatron, to help us with meditation & seek clarity at your Sound Temple, away from the ever increasing hectic World. Thank you! =÷+◇+÷=

Orel Leroy says:

This artwork tho

Aram 170 says:

One of the best artists on the label or maybe the best one

Nyarlantothep says:

Metatron Omega reign supreme on the thrones of woe. For there is no greater darkness than that closest to the light. Suffering is the price of beauty

There is a story in the Zohar about four kabbalists which attempt the Ascent to God.
The first enters the High Palace and sees stones as water; and by witnessing it through words – lies and perishes.
The second enters the High Palace and but sees the Throne of God empty, going insane.
The third one reaches the Throne of God, but on it sees the High Angel Metatron; thus returning to earth and professing the Dualistic Nature of Divinity.
The fourth one falls out of words.

God said to Saint Theresa: "I Am from that which is", "you, instead, are from that which is not"

Vatroslav Morbidović says:

Megatron Ometa. x) Nice tune, BTW.

Technological Waste says:

Brilliant. The album art is great too.

Gary White says:

Favourite artist on Cryo Chamber.

Vitalii Hershlag says:


Dennis Walter says:

Wow this metatron omega feeling is so sensational !!!! I ever love this dark choir soundscapes.

Dāvids Stalidzāns says:

+666 to Demonic Willpower – permanent effect

Steezyjunior13 says:

This is some deep/dark meditation music that for some reason sounds eerily peaceful

Nikita mrBag says:

finally the logical ending.
Evangelikon is coming, the monks rebelled!
My favourite project in a dark ambient!

gav hinds says:

Awesome as always..

Psion11 says:

One of my favourite artist, I hope for a new album soon


Never clicked a notification so fast

Stone Fury says:

Damn son this shit is HAT son straight up son

Rena Kohlbacher says:

Whooooshhhh – hearing this absolute amazing, soothing & calming choral sounds, my blood begins to run slowly, my breathing is deeper and a feeling of inner peace is coming straight into every cell of my body.
… just wonderful … ☯️🎶🤗🌠🕉️

Vlayne C. says:

I am again one with Saturn.
I ascend from the hexagon…

XXVlll says:

I'm loving this artwork so much, I need a link to it so I can download and make it my wall paper, great work cryo and megatron 👍

arthur_ goodnessache says:

Metatron Omega > Guaranteed excellence,always very lucid and dark and sounding – Much respect

Opale Noire says:

Thank you so much for this, Metatron Omega is so powerful

Havran Blek says:

Great, i'm looking forward to more songs from Metatron Omega*

sorry im bad says:

Awe yes, saw that name and already knew it was going to be amazing.

Mc Häckmäck says:

That’s actually really good!
I'm impressed!

alejandro Ramírez zalgado says:

Quiero hacerle el amor al administrador de este canal

Cancer from Uranus says:

WOAH! This makes an already great day even better!

Ouroboros says:

Yes! New Metatron Omega!
I'm gonna go now… To drift away in my dream world.

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