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jane kahome says:

I might loose my mind to an imaginary guy. 😘

Maria Aparecida says:

Linda música parabéns ❤👏👏👏👏

Anthony. Kuria says:

I still believe true love still exist .. somehow

Nabaggala Sophia says:

"Bby z too much come en we go slowly" where?

Loice Mulunda says:

Listening to it I just love it

dervin mejia says:


Linda Agwa says:

2020 and am here over n over .cant get enough😘

John Parkinson says:

Love this song so much keep up the good work Blessing💫

Emmanuel munkhondya says:

i still love this song . yes i believe in love

Misho Paremore says:

Any of you got the background beats name?😭

xamda cali hadi yarti rer hadi says:

I still 2020 the corona

Str8 Up says:

Niba unkunda

Jhe M says:

June 2020who’s here with me 😍

Abdiwasac Elmi says:


Rukkayat Metcho says:

Love the song i listen to it like 100 tyms a day

Shedrack Msipuka says:

Mamaaaa kajikataa atar song

Mofijurrohman Manik says:

Nice video songs

chrispin anthony says:

From Zambia…still sweet

Londoh Fongang says:

I love this

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