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Marc Anthony’s official music video for ‘You Sang To Me’. Click to listen to Marc Anthony on Spotify:

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i just wanted you to comfort me
when I called you late last night you see
i was fallin’ into love
oh yes, i was crashin’ into love
oh of all the words you sang to me
about life, the truth and bein’ free yea
you sang to me, oh how you sang to me
girl i live off how you make me feel
so i question all this bein’ real
cuz i’m not afraid to love
for the first time i’m not afraid of love
oh, this day seems made for you and me
and you showed me what life needs to be
yea you sang to me, oh you sang to me
all the while you were in front of me i never realized
i jus’ can’t believe i didn’t see it in your eyes
i didn’t see it, i can’t believe it
oh but i feel it
when you sing to me
how i long to hear you sing beneath the clear blue skies
and i promise you this time i’ll see it in your eyes
i didn’t see it, i can’t believe it
oh but i feel it
when you sing to me
just to think you live inside of me
i had no idea how this could be
now i’m crazy for your love
can’t believe i’m crazy for your love
the words you said you sang to me
and you showed me where i wanna be
yea you sang to me, oh you sang to me


ellesbelles77 says:

So cheesy but I can’t get enough lol

LadyNYC211 says:

Marc the best forever!

Aazmin Khambayat says:

You are Soo cute 😘💖 marci

Татьяна Фараджева says:

Шедевр !!! 👏👏👏👏

nellyparidise says:

Just watching this makes me feel like im actually in love😂❤❤I'm not joking,my heart is skipping beats,butterflies and everything😂❤❤

rhea cercana says:

I really luv ur song marc anthony

Blanca Raygoza says:

Beautiful song…what a voice. Marc Anthony waiting for a chance to go to your concert!

Daniel Z says:

It was So beautiful when she sang to me¿😍


Koliko te volim ova pesma to moze da opise ❤❤❤

mansurbaig says:

A timeless classic, ,Hey Marc love you.

sandra torrez says:


Meari P says:

Wata stick…but gets all the hot chick's….lol

Tanya Platt says:

I love his voice! ❤

Żanetka Gažiova says:

Ok súper pekná žanetka

Irene Proches says:

2018 am listening and still i have felling for it is there any one from Tanzania

Rohan Sa says:

2018 ….. !

Maribel Charris says:

exquisita canción y exquisito cantante

Gothe Wallin says:


Jorge Luna says:

I love Marc Anthony love this video
And l love this song. Number one

kagomecc461 says:

2018 April 5th

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