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“Don’t Kill the Magic”, the debut album from MAGIC!, Available Now on iTunes: Follow Magic! Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Music video by MAGIC! performing Rude. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment International Limited


Kevin magos says:

Manita arriba a todos los latinos que están escuchando esta cancion

Ethan Chrin says:

*based on a true story*

francisco Jesus says:

Madre mía pero que Rolón ¿quien de MÉXICO!!!

Caleb Achey says:

This is literally my situations rn. Love this song though. Gives me hope

Crystela Marie says:

It's 2018, but still listening ♡️♡️


he looked like m when im tryna get a girl whos eating a burger

marcotuber gamer says:

Cade os brasileiro pra comenta. video otimo

Jose SG says:

Que Mala es

Amin Udin says:


Starla Rodriguez says:

April 20018 anyone😙😙😙😏

Josiah Marin says:

Class of 2014 high school summer vibes. Skipping the last week of school with my girlfriend with the sunroof down blasting this, now we're getting married!

Gabriela De Araújo Faria says:

Só eu 2018?

Johana Juarez says:

I love this song so much

Mina Dawson says:

สวัสดี มีใครยังฟังอยู่มั้ย
Gu Kon Thai
กู คน ไทย

Mico Zapo says:

Jaz buena cancion

MlgLike123 says:

4 years later: one hit wonder lel

emanuel rodriguez says:

Puta mierda

MrcookiePlays -Roblox gameplays and more says:

The beggining sounds like Poppys lowlife

Olhinhos de melância fofa says:

Caramba 1bilhão.

Celso Victor says:

Brow pode passar mais dez anos eu vou continuar escutando essa música

Luna ., says:

Amo esta canción!!!!❤️❤️

yashaswi gautam says:

2018? Dont be so rude!!!

Hoài Thương Nguyễn says:

In Vietnam that girl may be said :"bỏ nhà theo troai" :3

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