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Luis Fonsi talks to Billboard about all things «Despacito» at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

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rajendra Prasad singh says:

Luis deserves that .

Dani says:

Did he say Justin beaver? I love this man😂😂

Sidharth Mishra says:

The interviewer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 like so beautiful and I have falled In love with her

Jamesngsiewheng James Heng says:

fast and furious Despacito……

yuli yulia says:

you right guys because Mr Justin bieber the most

Мунара Маликова says:

I love you Luis.

irshad choksi says:

Luis fonci looking so handsome with light beard

Arm At Mans says:

he looks simple man

Zaid Moreno says:

He must be tired of hearing that same question in every interview he does.

suragmalik says:

oh gawd! the woman in the red dress is gorgeous.

Kawaii. anastazja says:

BTS. I have to win, I believe in you

felipemusiceu says:

Luis Fonsi!! Gracias por la musica que nos brindas!! Dios te bendiga por muchos anios mas

Alfredo Barrera says:

Number 4 in Billboard

Leidy Muñoz says:

What?? No entendí na!

Zahra Abdul says:

0:36 "Beaver"

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