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Latino romantico | Chayanne, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi EXITOS Sus Mejores canciones
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Айсулуу Метинова says:


Alice Hitka says:

Nagyon szépen köszönőm, csodàlatosak vagytok! Imàdlak bwnneteket👌👍😍💗💗💗💗

Harold Jones says:

Zherka zherka!

Nada Komelj says:

Fantastic songs ♥️👍👌

Old Music says:

[00:00:00]-01.Atado A Tu Amor-Chayanne
[00:05:02]-02.Despacito-Luis Fonsi
[00:08:50]-03.Vente Pa’ Ca-Ricky Martin
[00:13:09]-04.Sumbeme La Radio-Enrique Iglesias
[00:20:18]-06.Que Quieres De Mi-Luis Fonsi
[00:25:15]-07.La Mordidita-Ricky Martin
[00:28:47]-08.Bailando-Enrique Iglesias
[00:32:47]-09.09. Me Llenas De Ti-Chayanne
[00:37:09]-10.Quién Te Dijo Eso-Luis Fonsi
[00:41:41]-11.Livin' La Vida Loca-Ricky Martin
[00:45:44]-12.Duele El Corazon-Enrique Iglesias
[00:49:05]-13.Y Tu Te Vas-Chayanne
[00:53:51]-14.Llegaste Tú-Luis Fonsi
[00:57:33]-15.Vida-Ricky Martin
[01:00:57]-16.Bailando(English)-Enrique Iglesias
[01:05:29]-17.Yo Te Amo-Chayanne
[01:11:07]-18.Respira-Luis Fonsi
[01:15:26]-19.Nobody Wants To be Lonely-Ricky Martin
[01:18:53]-20.El Perdedor-Enrique Iglesias
[01:23:05]-21.Di Qué Sientes Tú-Chayanne
[01:27:02]-22.No Me Doy Por Vencido-Luis Fonsi
[01:31:00]-23.Bailamos-Enrique Iglesias
[01:34:33]-24.Adiós-Ricky Martin
[01:38:31]-25.Tiempo De Vals-Chayanne
[01:42:23]-26.Corazón En La Maleta-Luis Fonsi
[01:46:03]-27.She Bangs-Ricky Martin

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