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Official video for ‘Stop Me From Falling’ feat. Gente De Zona, the original track is taken from Kylie’s new album ‘Golden’.
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Lotus says:

Really not a good collaboration, Kylie jumped on the Latin market train to get the fame she used to have and Gente de zona are more talented than her. Feels so forced this song does from Kylies side.

Fanny Ypaqmas says:

Gente de zona siempre se supera 😍❤

BarrowZigger says:

Someone call me a doctor. My heart just melted. 😍

lee higgins says:

Gorgeous lady, gorgeous song, amazing video. She looks so happy and now, so do I.

ivan zipper says:

La Muerte Musical De Kylie Minogue
En mi opinión muuuy personal
El peor disco que ha hecho en su carrera 😫

Jon Tosko says:

Who doesn't love a little bit of Kylie 😘
Catchy tune 😆

We 4 N U says:

Kylie una Diva…..

MegaHeels says:

Just brilliant

Nad says:

This is what happens when all your facelifts keep you upright. Kyle.. leave it to the youngies now. Enjoy your $$

human.j.vitor99 says:

I fall in love with her again and again. She looks so beautiful, the song is so good. Congratulations & felicidades Kylie

Michael Hassen says:

Best Video Ever!! I love this Video Ever & Kylie has a reputation for having an Awesome Videos. Love Spanish Mexico & hope it becomes it.

Mercreddi says:

She has the same face than Rachel McAdams.
This song sucks…

Sevinch Orujova says:

Kylie is always so fine :))) been her fan since I was 4 years-old

Andres Echeverria says:

Can't help but smile when I see this video!! 😍💃❤️💃💃💣

supernatural2029 says:

I am not sure but why does the sung end abruptly? I don't why she doesn't get a lot of views because of this video,  I miss her old songs, I like the song but the typical latino stereotype..

Alexander Daniels Escobar says:

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvaro Hernandez says:

Reinventarse o morir, pues a cantar en español…

Kersti Treial says:

My summer 2018 favorite song.

Super good song

Jsjs Dnfn says:

No tiene nada que ver con los ritmos latinos xD no pegan nada xD pero el ritmo es pegadizo xD

fabrizio fassio says:


Summer 2018: we have a winner! The Queen KYLIE

Erick Puentes says:

Bailo como el Waka Waka en unas partes. Y que buena canción, también me gusto all the LOVERs en español… Los amores…. Estuvieron genial

Diego Reaño Vargas says:

Why Kylie Whyyy 😬💀

Irving Rocha says:

She is simply the best

kian1101 says:

The first part of the video was a tribute to Taylor Swift.

Momentos de Rodrigo Tisdale says:

Juro que me encantó! Me transmitió mucha alegría el video. Genial! Hermoso! Increíble! Sin palabras

Levy El Melódico Official says:

Que hermosa combinación de dos idiomas y géneros en una canción; such a great combination of both languages and both musics genders #LoveIt

sexyfunboi says:

Yess love this she looks amazing 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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