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Kizomba Music 2015 … * The Best Hits are listed *
Ravidson – Parar O Tempo feat. Mika Mendes [Audio…
Adi Cudz feat Nelson Freitas – essa mboa…
Charbel – Romeu & Julieta ( Audio )…
C4 Pedro – Vamos Ficar Por Aqui (UHD 4K)…
Ravidson – Casa Comigo [Audio]…
Mika Mendes, Ravidson & Elji Beatzkilla – Uma Chance [Remix] -…
Badoxa – Eu Não Danço Contigo [2014]…
Badoxa «Me Toca» [2015] By É Karga Eventz –…
Elji Beatzkilla feat. Mika Mendes & Atim – Maluka [Audio] -…
Mika Mendes feat. Elji BeatzKilla – Miss Future [2014] -…
Mika Mendes – Vem -…
Brockton, Passada Providence, pasada


missilene sipriano silva says:

que voz linda suave😍😍😍

Suzete Maria Ameida says:

Adoro você Ravidson boas músicas CAbo verde sempreee <3

Lara Patatas says:


Preto Cigano says:

😍amo esta musica

luana Carneiro says:

Qual a música que começa com 12:00

luana Carneiro says:

Qual o nome da quarta e quinta música deste álbum?

Sonia Osorio says:

Adoro as músicas de Ravidson

Antonieta rodrigues says:

I love this songs

rikireis Silva says:

adoro está musica

NEbs Cos says:

Stop calling the Caboverdian music of "Kizomba". This rhythm of Caboverdian music is derived from the Zouk of the Antilles with the Coladeira and Funana from Cape Verde. This merger happened in France and Holland only later in Portugal. Because there is a large Cape Verdean community in these countries. Now everyone calls the music of Cape Verde kizomba. Research the 80s songs from Angola and then come across the differences. Angolan music has now evolved with the help of Cape Verdean musicians. As they are bigger in number and with resources, it is easy for them to promote their Kizomba using our music. A hug to all Angolans of good will, because we are brother peoples. Always remember that in spite of the privileges that the Portuguese colony gave to the Caboverdians we were to organize the fight for independence after the slaughter to our Angolan brothers (they must remember this sad event), we fight to your side to be recognized as a Nation. But the truth is always the truth and must be told, costs what it costs.

Antonieta rodrigues says:

I love this songs, cute…

ana catarina correia says:

amo 😍😍😍😍😍

nancy gombauld says:

j'adoreeeeee 😍😍

dinho campos says:

dedico esta musica a mulher,que eu amo….sei que esta dificil,e sera ainda dificil…mais acredito no futuro…te amo lili gtz…

Isa Duarte says:

adoro essa música

Yolanda Monteiro says:

muito toop 👌😍💖

Didier Chevrier says:

qui a commence a chanter a la premiere chanson ?

Guilherme Beatriz says:


Paweł Dębicki says:


Edjane Fernandes says:


Matthieu DUVERT says:

can someone tell me what is the last song of that mix? plzzz

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