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Lizandra Machado says:

rebolou tanto e deixou a dança ridicula

Romeu Pascoal says: Amigos esperimentem esse video Kizomba Top

Liliana Jones says:

Eu já tive a oportunidade de dançar kizomba com ele 😍😍😍😍

Mirian Cunha says:

bué fixe…

Passer Bby says:

My new Kizomba role model, dude that was fun man! Fun to watch at least 🙂

L. Lopez says:

5 estrelas….
amei 😍..
continuem são lindos!!!!!

Martha Mamabolo says:


Bruna Ribeiro says:

adorei danção muito bem 👏👏👏👏👅👌👍✋✌☝👆💜👙💬💭

msbellydancagirl says:

Seems like more of an awkward situation, where they are dancing sexually and the women on the ground are not too enthused! I thought they danced well just seem to be a bit boring for the audience.

Arlene Losa says:

La cosa que màs me a gustado a parte del baile, sintonia y pasos de los bailarines, es ver que se divierten de verdad y se gustan el baile…BRAVISIMOS Y MIS MàS SINCERAS FELICITACIONES!!!!!!!!

Maria Lavandier says:


Saba Yemane says:

I want to dance with this guy!

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