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May 23, 2018 | Felix Contreras — Colombian pop star Juanes and Chilean singer Mon Laferte recently wrapped up a sold-out tour of the United States, which (lucky for us) included a stop at the Tiny Desk.

Laferte began the concert solo with the torch song «Pa’ Dónde Se Fue» (Where Did You Go?). She sang the break-up story with a smirk that belied the heartache hiding in her poignant lyrics. Then, after a short set break starring the Tiny Desk engineer Josh Rogosin, Juanes joined her to perform the duo’s sultry single, «Amárrame» (Tie Me Up).

It’s rare to see Juanes in such an intimate setting. After almost two decades of performing solo, the Latin pop star is more of a stadium and arena kind of guy. It’s a treat to hear his voice unencumbered by loud speakers or crowd noise, and to see his facial expressions as he sings lyrics that many of us know by heart. This marked a return to the intimacy that fueled his earliest days and that’s still present in the personal lyrics that have sold millions of records.

That intimacy was heightened by the presence of Laferte. The duo performed a PG-13 version of «Amárrame,» a passionate pop song with lyrics reminiscent of 50 Shades Of Grey. You can sense an obvious chemistry between the two during that song, as well as on the Juanes classic «Fotografia» (which originally featured Nelly Furtado).

Juanes closed out the concert solo with a stripped-down version of «Es Tarde» from his last album, Mis Planes Son Amarte. The performance demonstrates why Juanes and Laferte’s duet tour sold out across the U.S. this year. There is a magic here that makes for repeated viewing. It’s that much fun to watch.

«Pa’ Dónde Se Fue» by Mon Laferte
«Amárrame [feat. Juanes]» by Mon Laferte
«Fotografía [feat. Mon Laferte]» by Juanes
«Es Tarde» by Juanes

Producers: Robin Hilton, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Kara Frame, Dani Lyman; Production Assistant: Joshua Bote; Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.


Alejandro Castro says:

Mon, ese toque sencillo me encanta… una mezcla de aprendiz y maestro que por el nerviosismo te tocó de cierta manera, aún así increíble! sin duda eres una gran estrella de la música… tal como decía chepita… UNA ESTRELLA SERÁS, LA QUE MÁS VA A BRILLAR!

Marta Sandi says:

Que bárbara Mon canta excelente. Ella es muy buena

Paoly S G says:

🎶 mirame a los ojos🎶 ….me encanta esta canción

Sergio de Alba says:

2 de mis artistas favoritos juntos y en un canal internacional, no puedo explicar con palabras lo que siento.

Deniz Grey Caballero says:

I bet Juanes wife would be jelous after seeing this…

Yesenia García says:

Como cuando latinoamerica tiene tanto que dar al mundo y lo que llevan es a Juanes a Mon Laferte 🙁

Daniel Noroña says:

da pawm from Ecuador

FeelThe Power says:

Please Tiny Desk, bring "Cafe Tcvba" on live, that will be so much pleasure for us. Awesome for including Latinamerican culture and promoving the "no barriers"ideology.

Bruce Deeble says:

THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS! Oie such excellence! I saw these 2 the other day at the Forum. FANTASTIC!!!!

stars areblind says:

Latinos represent 💙💙💙

Hoguer Aldrete says:

buen concert y que buen violero

Esmeralda Macias says:

Mon hermosa, te amo.

Joe Dady says:

nice tats. NOT….

Christian Acuna says:

'Pa cuando el komander?

Danylicious! says:

Mon its an other universe woman 💓 (sorry 4 my english)

Danylicious! says:

They're perfect two 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

AndrewRomanoski says:

Cuando van a invitar a La Tigresa del Oriente?

Andrew Van Rompaey says:

Los dos son insoportablemente adorables

Felipe O says:

Inviten a Carlos Vives!

Thenewjazz says:

No lo sé, a mi Juanes no me cuadra en NPR

ManuAlvarado22 says:

Who is the guitarist?

jjkkthmyg says:

Definitivamente NPR trae bastantes artistas de calidad que merecen más reconocimiento del que tienen, sin embargo esta ocasión han invitado a una artista que no me convence en ningún aspecto. Pero no tirare hate hacia este gran canal, de hecho gracias por todo (excepto por esto), es mi simple opinión.

Jose Moreno says:

Viva Chile!!!!

Brenda Valencia says:

Caloncho or Carla Morrison pls❤️

Yamali Guerrero says:

Pa' donde se fue ! Merece un premio. El ritmo me recuerda a mi abuela. " Me quedé a la mitad.."…Juanes eres un capo. <3

Ame Lujan says:

Me encantan 💗

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