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Josué Zepeda says:

Nada comparado la verdad jajajaj Selena siempre será mejor que jLo

jose luis martinez says:

No por favor, no hay línea de comparación, Selina es y será la Reyna por siempre.



Dilan Perez says:

Jlo ni alos talones le llega a Selena, Selena es la unica diva del brons, Jlo tu solo eres una porqueria piratecnia. Siempre…

mariposa kiut eslimen y Minecraft says:

Nadie compara Ami Selena😘

Marisa Lopez says:

Selena was more passionate, and expressed it in her voice.

Cesar marquez says:

Bellas las dos! ❤️❤️

Cesar Nuñez says:

Reconocelo siempre Selena es tu madre JLo.

Shellcy vercetti says:

Jlo pls stop

RevOneFourteen RevOneFifteen says:

Does jlo really believe she can sing.

Erikson Carranza says:

Imagínense que ahí Selena tenía apenas 23 añitos, y se le oye tremenda voz, y la vieja rancia de la JLo ni con casi 50 años mejoró la voz 😂

jhan bj says:

Jennifer López 😍

Rafael says:

I don't know her…

LotusFlower Flores says:

Alicia Villarreal sings it just as good as Selena

Jade Stratus says:

This video is silly. First of all this is Selena's song and second of all JLo is incapable of hitting the notes that Selena hit and belting the way Selena did. It's like trying to compare a Toyota to a Rolls Royce. Selena was a talented, natural singer.

Esmeralda Jarquin says:

No hay punto de comparación… 100% Selena 💖

Christopher Wilson says:

Why would she sing it faster…she can’t even sing well slowly. Set herself up for failure

John JLover says:

Y’all have to thank Jennifer for letting all of us know who Selena was.No one outside the US knew about her.And it’s the truth.She was super talented but 😕

SelLLuniDexers says:

Ni aun pelo le llega jlo a selena

DirtyFace-Capone says:

Selena's the obvious winner.Nothing against J Lo…She's an incredibly beautiful woman in her own right.

k says:

Selena is a real singer while idk about jlo her thing is something different.

NewReader 17 says:

I think we know who the actual singer is here.👀 I know jlos vocal coach improved JoJo’s technique but Jenifer isn’t improving nor learning anything with him so is he just scamming her?🧐

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