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Jennifer Lopez ft. Gente De Zona – «Ni Tú Ni Yo» (Official Music Video)
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Official music video by Jennifer Lopez ft. Gente De Zona performing «Ni Tú Ni Yo.»
(C) 2017 Nuyorican Productions Inc., under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC / Magnus Media, LLC


Khady Thiam says:

grazie rolex

Jeanpier 07 says:

Me encanta .

smilingblissgoddess says:

Wow Jennifer Lopez well done this is a top song by you and Gente De Zona, excellente !

Tasha Batiste says:

I love this video

Wainy Cespedes says:

No puedo creer que ella habla español y canta español

Caroll Rodriguez Guette says:

Que hermosa Jlo💕

JONY says:

Ni Tú Ni Yo 🔥💥❤

Monsserat Saavedra says:

yo allo q eѕтe vídeo caѕι ѕolo мυeѕтra a jenιғer lopez pero no eѕ aѕí , la cancιón eѕ вυena y тodo pero jenιғer creía q él vídeo ѕolo era de ella por q en algυnaѕ parтeѕ aparece genтe de zona .ѕolo тenían q ver 3:aм eѕ мυcнo mejir

Enrique Espinosa says:

They two could when the last top two titles that stand out the most of the three and maybe one or the other is of Natti Natashi and need to check out the other videos more to be familiar more and keep on track of a like judge too !

Enrique Espinosa says:

Maybe the song "Love grows" can be a music video for today for the singers and ?..and a female dancer on that video and like a female singer dancer of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez ! Or "sight or no"… !

Enrique Espinosa says:

Jennifer has two new songs that has another of the smoothest or whatever it hypes a little or for emotions and Shakira has one song and personality and one is younger and coming with songs too but Jay Lo has another song or two from one year and another year since 1990's really this shows a lot of a style of colors too and outdoors but dance ways but her other song has a smooth and pretty good vocal singing in less of a instrument playing.. and Shakira ..Piel song is what another title song called for a latin dj music but it showed too for music…and has her outdoor style but indoor too and style and another song and how it carried in one vocal loudness and talent singing to a music way playing but if it is right more to carry out the similar music or beats of the sounds its is a bunch but someway… and like Jay Lo and her vocal singing is carried throughout the song one medium tone but its what carries in vocal singing and surrounding nice sounds too ! And to be selected in the music business awards for the top Hot Latina music !

AdriGB says:

Risa de bruja… Min 0:13

Lani Jass says:

Ni Tú Ni Yo ❤

Luis Quevedo says:

It’s funny because one of the outfits of J.Lo. in this video looks like one of the outfits of Kylie Minogue in “get outta my way”. And now Kylie is releasing a new song with this duo (Gente de zona). I don’t know, it’s just funny to find this small and meaningless coincidences.

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