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Jennifer Lopez’s official music video for ‘If You Had My Love’. Click to listen to Jennifer Lopez on Spotify:

As featured on Dance Again…The Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
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If you had my love
And I gave you all my trust
Would you comfort me
And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue
Would you lie to me
And call me baby
Now if I gave you me, this is how it’s got to be
First of all I won’t take you cheatin’ on me
Tell me who can I trust if I can’t trust in you
And I refuse to let you play me for a fool
You said that we could possibly spend eternity
See that’s what you told me (that’s what you said)
But if you want me
You have to be fulfilling all my dreams
(If you really want me babe)

Said you want my love and you’ve got to have it all
But first there are some things you need to know
If you want to live
With all I have to give
I need to feel true love
Or it’s got to end, yeah
I don’t want you
Trying to get with me
And I end up unhappy
(Don’t need the hurt and I don’t need the pain)
So before I do
Give myself to you
I have to know the truth
(If I spend my life with you)


David Hanley says:

Wow 19 years a go😨😨

Jjj Jjj says:

Who didn’t come from Teenage fever and just rememberd this great song

smokingcrack issaferthantidepods says:

Omg and in an instant I'm a pre teen again

Justin Ford says:

Miss this type of music

Masacci. Boi says:

Drake vibes

Janee Fame says:

Soooooo 90's

Fabiola Molina says:

Esta si es una gran artista tan guapa

Stephanie LeClaire says:

drake brought me hea but teenage fever is wack compared to this

Amrod Amras says:

1999-2018 still hoooooot 🙂

Aros San says:

I still think this is her best song.

Ranbir Singh says:

just realised how premium BRITNEY SPEARS would have been in her prime time

NonaPaskemin says:

Wait so why is the guy from CSI a creep? XD

Angelica Stepnik says:

Still my favourite😊

Agnes Riberu75 says:

What i always remember abt Jlo is how she is so good in dancing

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