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Ellen Soares says:

Quero dinherooo caralheon

bagaje México says:

Que horrible canción muy barata…y cero dinero jajaja

Toni Sunshine says:

Cardi B brought the bronx outta Jlo

saints 2018 says:


Ahana Metta says:

I will never get sick of watching her dance and that SUIT- yesss MAMA!!! Bronx representinggg 😉 ya welcome! <3

Tony Castro says:

2:08 afortunados los dos que la levantaron LOL

Mr Nom says:

cardi B Took it for a minute Ah she's every where

Edith Hernandez says:

does anyone know if there is a bts reaction to jlo?

Elmira Tchagop says:

All dj Khalid does is scream

Mrs. Robinson says:

Jlo such a flawless performer

Keryann Cargik says:

You'll notice Jlo's style of dance is usually always a throwback to that Michael Jackson/Janet era.  I love it.  She was groomed under J.J.

nanrob says:


Rebecca Fernando says:

What the heck is Khaled doing there ??

No Name says:

Dj Khaled can't give his wife oral(can't stand the guy since that old misogynistic comment he made came to light) and it was obviously too much for him to get outta the chair for this performance too. Lol, J Lo could have even had a track of his voice yelling without him actually being there. I just think J- Lo was the major star here and didn't need a dj screaming throughout the song to back her up.

Derek Johnson says:

This is horrible

Ancelin Hernandez says:

Puerto Ricooooooooooo 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

Yovani Rosario says:

Que jlo la Reina de Puerto Rico y cardi b la Reina Dominicana.

Alejandro Colonia moreno says:

Really? "Yo quiero dinero"? Jajaja es un chiste! This is pure shit!!!

OMFLG says:

Can't he shut the fuck up lol

elizbaeth dage says:

If dj Khaled could just shut UP

Gelo says:

Dua lipa's reaction to cardi b. 😂😻

V McBride says:

JLO did that Yess!!!!!

Raichanah Yasmin says:

lip sync or not?

Alan Sangma says:

khalid was unnecessary there😁

MsMysticWorld says:

Janet J., J. Lo…. these ladies are back in the game… yas. The song isa addictive. Biculture, bilingual swag.

Anissa Marie says:

She did that

jessica Coss says:

Yo tambien quiero , dinero ,dinero ,dineroooo 💵💵💵💵💵💵

moon beam says:

I love how modern and catchy this song is. I love you can daance to it. catchy

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