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Jennifer Lopez’s official music video for ‘Dance Again’. Click to listen to Jennifer Lopez on Spotify:

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Shimmy Shimmy yah, Shimmer yam
Shimmer yay
I’m a ol’ dirty dog all day
No way Jose
Your girl only go one way, ay mi madre
You should check that out
Maybe you ain’t turn her out
Maybe it’s none of my business
But for now work it out
Let’s get this, dale

Nobody knows what I’m feeling inside
I find it so stupid
So why should I hide
That I love to make love to you baby
(yeah make love to me)
So many ways wanna touch you tonight
I’m a big girl got no secrets this time
Yeah I love to make love to you baby
(yeah make love to me)

If this would be a perfect world
We’d be together then
(let’s do it do it do it)
Only got just one life this I’ve learned
Who cares what they’re gonna say
(let’s do it do it do it)

I wanna dance, and love, and dance again
I wanna dance, and love, and dance again

Dance, yes
Love, next
Dance, yes
Love, next

Baby your fire is lighting me up
The way that you move boy is reason enough
That I love to make love to you baby
(yeah make love to me)
I can’t behave
Oh I want you so much
Your lips taste like heaven
So why should I stop?
Yeah I love to make love to you baby
(yeah make love to me)»


vidio juegos says:


Nick Revelas says:

Hi Mrs. Lopez, you have acquired wealth as a celebrity icon…I would appreciate that you invest in surgical enhancements for your behind as it is very big given that you are incredibly sizzling hot in appearance. I hope one day you have a more desirable behind. I appreciate your work very much, best regards.

Norma Tancošova NT says:


Norma Tancošova NT says:



Bessie Mitchell says:

Love to make love to you baby

Bessie Mitchell says:


Tasnim Maahiya Maahi says:

Still Feeling Hit In 2018!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jefferson Kenneth Castañeda Toledo says:

La mejor parte comienza en el minuto 3.10 :v veanlo like

somaja palani says:

Casper smart is the guy from the honey 2 and he's not this music video and Jennifer is dating him

Cesar Prado says:

One of my favorite songs from Jlo

Zoe_ Crimi says:

Nostalgia… 💏

jlin cy says:

2:36 -3:7 👌👌

Marivel Lopez says:

Jennifer Lopez you are a great singer and you are a great dancer .

sujal thapa says:

J lo ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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