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I mean, the title of the song has the word ‘sin’ in it… we had to do it…

Watch. Sin. Enjoy.

Which music video do you wanna see sinned next?

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Bray Daos says:

do Logic everyday vid

Mason Thomas says:

Pleeeeease do "Happier" by Ed Sheeran

Easy Street says:

do gucci flip flops by bald bitchie ft. lil kayak

Laura says:

I'm a colombian girl, who hates reggaeton, and you have no idea how THANKFUL I am with you for making this. Love you, man

Blu Cat says:

yaaaassssssss this is my favorite song right now!!

10 000 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge says:

This song was meant to be sinned

Sorry I had too

Victoria Hernandez says:

I screamed now that Prince Royce has been mentioned on this channel

Blake Moreno says:

everything wrong with california love

caitlin spry says:

That also reading should be sinned

Sugary Heaven says:


BtchImJulian says:

Do Amor foda Bad Bunny

AvakinLife Tayzie says:

Wasnt Becky G’s songs on disney channel?

just another small youtuber says:

Could you do Everything Wrong With Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest, please? Thanks whether you do it or not.

Amare YoBoi says:

Do Nicki Minaj – Barbie Tingz on Wednesday and Chun-li by Nicki Minaj on Friday

Bernita King says:

A everything wrong with Pond Creek Road by Upchurch would be cool.

kk mm says:

Made me laugh. Still gay as hell for becky tho

Well Golly Geezer says:

Sin pajamas

Brunet 18 says:

Sin that pijama 😂

Katherine Meyer says:

Do a Milky Chance song please!

Soph Dennis says:

Cardi B is short for cardiovascular bronchitis

Soph Dennis says:

Sin pijama, my one year of Spanish tells me that is without pajamas

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