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Suavemente, besame
que quiero sentir tus labios
besandome otra vez.
(Suave)Besame , besame
(Suave)Besame otra vez
(Suave)Que quiero sentir tus labios
(Suave)Besandome otra vez
(Suave)Besame, besame
(Suave)Besame un poquito
(Suave)Besa , besa , besa,
(Suave)Besame otro ratito
(Pequeña , hechate pa’ca)
Cuando tu me besas
me siento en el aire
por eso cuando te veo
comienzo a besarte.
Y si te despegas yo me despierto
de ese rico sueño que me dan tus besos.

Besame suavecito , sin prisa y con calma
dame un beso bien profundo que me llegue al alma
dame un beso mas que en mi boca cabe
dame un beso despacito, dame un beso suave
Best of Elvis Crespo:
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Latrece Freeman says:

I have loved this song since I was a kid!!! I remember my aunts teaching me to salsa in the living room lol. It's the first song I learned to sing in full Spanish lol

Zakaria Achahbar says:

Like si viniste a escuchar esta canción entera por qué la viste en vídeos del ElRubius

william bondar says:

Love this song, never get tired of it!

TheCalvitie78 says:


Pedro Andrés Alfaro Arias says:

Where I live that song is for new year's eve, when everyone is drunk.

Joey Garc says:

So i went to club near by and they played the song while showing the video i asked if that was the actual video to the song and he said "….,yep….i know" i wished he was lying

Danilo olhar altivo pensamentos nobres says:

suavemente top damais 2018

AstronomicalCurls says:

"Oh, Mr. Crespo what effects would you like to use?"
"Y E S"

yatmely mlp says:

tengo un pollo 🐥

papi 132 says:

You know your hispanic when you wake up to your mom playing this and the faint smell of fabuloso

neogigo says:

Was the budget of this production a pack of crayons

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