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Don Omar & Lucenzo Danza Kuduro y Taboo Billboard Latin Music Awards 2012


Juan Pablo Garcia says:

Only one King Don Omar

J2Pe 44 says:

Fine beside that dark chocolate nigger akon

Peñafiel Soriano says:

por que , porque play back!!! ?? que lastima tan buenas canciones

Missmeowmeow says:


food says:

build that wall. build that wall get ice numbers up!!!!!!!!!!

Gino Plush and Reacts says:

akon is Spanish

Sharvin SwaggerVEVO says:

whooooo ..!! its akon

Jorge Luis Camacho Guerrero says:

que estupides mimica!

keniterika skelton says:

oooh yes dance wit it come on now dance wit me guys whoooo hooooo yeah all right

JohnCosty says:

Play back forever

Marta Martinez says:

tenías que quitarte el jackersito pendejo ese que tenias, que rico!!!

littlenumchuck says:


Pratchaya Laksanapongrat says:

what the first song ?

Football Match Highlights says:

what the first song ? 

Susana Baquero says:

De casualidad alguien canta en vivo en esta presentación? me siento timada

Daniela Flores says:

Que lastima que hacen  PlayBack

yujit4n says:

he didn't sing live at all

OneLazyC0rn says:

what the last song??

Link Vh says:

haha love don omar but this is so baitly pre-recorded

José Miguel Miky says:

Loalwa <3

DJ A-Beatz says:

LipSync Kuduro.

qTions says:

3:20 – 4:36 – Danza Kuduro
Stupid version… where is the original with Lucenzo?!?!?

nouph noupha says:


Mercenarius says:

where is Lucenzo? ^^

EnglishMan YGO says:

0:23 – 1:45 – Dutty Love
1:51 – 3:15 – Taboo
3:20 – 4:36 – Danza Kuduro
4:42 – 5:37 – Hasta que salga El Sol

Great songs, great videos, playback sucks…
Don Omar you're the best!

Lapinou says:

porque siempre hay problemos con el playback ??? me gusta el playback

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