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spongbozz allstars says:

AIE AIE AIE !!!!!!!!!!!

Manny E says:

this fad won't last long………as shallow as lambada.

Uli Weitzel says:

Die Musik passt zum Tanzen nicht bzw. umgekehrt?

SR.SHENNIX24 says:

follow me in instagram sergio_roman_lopez

Bruno Sanchez says:

l'm hot!!

Paul Wilson says:

Reminds me of 70s moves.

Leomar Magalhães says:

qual e o nome da musica 01:10.27 e a seguinte ?? obrigado

Włodzimierz Żurowski says:

What is the song title between 1.12 – 4.20

Vi- D says:

Mankey you are still going guns. Thank you boy.

Dashcam Karaoke says:

so thumbnail where?

Duccattii Taqqeilla says:

Ho collezionato is very important for me I think that,'

605380613WOJTEK says:

fajna dziewczyna i tyle

Agha Durrani says:

Nice Girls and Lovely Steps Best Performance,,, Like

winnhornyguy says:

wow i need to learn these type of moves maybe ill get more sex lol

moravany nv says:

I think white guys shouldnt dance kizomba!!! Not many of them have a dance in the blood compared with black guys.. black guys are the best dancers!!! sorry, but thats true!!!

Jô Silva says:

Os dançarinos estão dançando musicas diferentes das que estão sendo tocadas, Perdeu a essência, perdeu o charme, ficou xoxo!

Eric Jacobs says:

Where are the girls with the tiny tiny shorts? Wasted my time and ruined my day ! I could have done my school homework instead I am 13

M Wilson says:

Why does everytime I see this dance they only show white girls doing it?

The word kizomba means: celebration, friendly gathering, party
This young style is originated from Africa, from Portugese colonies (Angola) in the 1980s. It is a dance and music style at the same time, that merges different African music trends with the authentic Zouk that is originated from French Antillas.

Its tone is rather similar to modern zouk but not identical with it as kizomba is more syncoped and down-beat.

Faustino Andre Maquina says:

Eu me sinto saudavel com este ritmo musical, pork nao ha mistras heterrogenias mas sim misturas homogenias ( musicais) muito obrigado DJ-Monkey.

Anyi Pena says:

that monkey looks scared of pussy

Elisa Elisa says:

12.27 everybody is filming……. not done

Sasa Matic says:

Who is blond in first song?

Rummi says:

O que mais gosto é do azeite na intro…típico tuga.dobest.

GenericOpinion says:

having a tight ass doesnt mean you can dance…..

Dean Gatenby says:

Mankey in English is not a name you would want

linda austin says:

like him more than got to have that ass on her he rocked more

navy93 says:

Where are the ladies on the youtube picture?

Shi Cruisin' says:

Boooooring. All the same, sex simulation on the dance floor. Yaaaaawn. Slave age dancing?

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