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A Kizomba video I’ve made in the streets of Paris with Yami & St’Effy
Music : C4 Pedro : Casamento / Stony : Danca Kizomba
Choregraphy : Yami & St’Effy
Video : Sam Niums


Lucky Nando says:

This seems like a bad joke. This is not Kizomba…. please look up kizomba from angola. this is sadly one of those situations where only the nationals seem to get. most videos I have seen that are popularized are of people claiming to dance kizomba. If someone from Angola saw this, they would ask what they are dancing, this can even be seen in this comment section.

YoSoyZuri says:

Don't let them confuse you; it is a lye. This dances are a copy of BACHATA SENSUAL created by Korke and Judith following Western Bachata. Every one is trying to jump on the wagon of popularity this sexy Bachata Sensual dance has obtained on yoytube. I don't support copy cats.

Franciascorner says:

aww this is such a romantic dance. I never heard of it until now. THis will be my next blog on

Adriana Silva says:


Myriam L says:

oui c'est chez nous j'ai reconnu les vélib' très belle danse

luzsenny santos says:

Kizomba vs bachata ??? I def love both.

Gesmine Vassallo says:

the song from 0:00 to 0:59 is casamento

Wiktoria Wierzbicka says:


21Elkiko says:

It looks like a mixer of bachata and Mexican banda hybrid

Johnolita JEAN-MARIE-ELIETTE says:

Kizomba est un genre musical et de danse originaire d'Angola. Le terme "Kizomba" provient de l'expression linguistique Kimbundu, qui signifie "fête". Kizomba en tant que danse est née dans les années 80, à Luanda, après de grandes influences musicales du Zouk (Antilles) et a son origine dans le Semba.

bartek kurz says:

terrible soulless music.

Vanderleia Alves says:

Adoro esse tipo de danças

Laura Deciu says:

eres tan linda y mui guapa me gusta mucho como dansais los dos saludos de spania

Footgolf Amiens- Greenfoot-Events, loisir says:

je me lasserai pas de vous regarder …

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