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Official video by Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra:

-Instagram: teodora.p2
-Twitter: AnnaNickyJ1

I don’t own rights to the song


Loveless 64 says:

Amo esta canción aunque me recuerda mucho a mi ex jj

Felicie / videos says:

I LOVE!!❤️❤️😍😍

Moshi Plays Offline Games says:

I first heard of this because of that hot cooking guy dancing to this song

Patty Padilla says:

🦋Se que sientes mariposassss… Yo tambien seti sus alas🦋❤

Nadya says:

a bot sang this for me, it was so sweet

Tiala _808 says:

"Dejame robarte el corazon"😍😍💗💘💕💌💟💛💙💜💚🖤💝💞💦


I always smile so much during this song

TrashBean says:

I love this song a lot. Good work!

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