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BTS joins us on the 2018 Billboard Music Awards red carpet to share their love of pop and show off their BBMA victory dance moves!

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Haitran Mai says:

What song did Taehyung say?

Anthony Nero says:

Niggas ain’t even speaking English

Sevilla Vargas says:

Haaa Jimin😂😂😂😂 deos sos tan bello

Diamond Light says:

They seem more comfortable this time… They are acting more themselves..

kawaii lely says:

bts 🔥💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Johan ex says:

can't even speak English? I bet half of their fans from America, UK can't sing their songs too 😂😂

Toshino Takiyami says:

God my babies look so sexy

Amanda M. says:

NO PROMO!! I'M DEAD. YASSS BOYSS!! Don't give other groups promo no one gave BTS promo for them to break in the U.S. It was all hard work.

paulaxoBTS says:

that moment when jimin hugged her …. jealous as hell

Namgyal Lhamo says:

A specific fandom is outraged because BTS didn’t mention their faves🙄 they have clearly said before that they don’t think it’s fair to name only one top because they know every kpop group works super hard so it will be disrespectful. And Namjoon said “be careful” to Jhope in Korean so that they could avoid naming only one group. And u guys aren’t mad coz BTS think they’re the only good one y’all are mad coz they didn’t say ur oppar’s name.

Gabi Toma says:

When Jimin and her Hugged jejxiwjxjw

Kod Pixi. says:

They are so cute omg😍😘❤️

Brenda Mantini says:

What song did Tae say?

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