Big Marvel & Omega Sapien – Chickenman (Official Music Video)

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Big Marvel & Omega Sapien – Chickenman (Official Video)

Directed by Shunsuke Nakamura

Executive Producer San Yawn of Balming Tiger
Producer Riki Kaneda
Writer(s) Omega Sapien, Riki Kaneda

Mixed by Riki Kaneda
Mastered by Boost Knob

Release by Balming Tiger
Available on all platforms in October.

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Oou tokyo im on the roll
Oou bm and i honor role
Like a samurai we gotta keep thehonor code
Oou sushi on top some mo
She got a benz
She got a waist
Grabbin her thigh like bouqet
Givin me top make me insane
On a nissan tokyo drift wit the weed high
We ride jk call me onnisan
Me my self and i this for leisure
Gma heard my flow got a seizure
Sneak up a roof and i roll up the reefa
Off of a tab never out of idea
They Searchin my pocket police know that we high
Pull up a card and i kiss them a good bye

Rolling that sushi
Top of that kimchi
Bm and we too lit

Rolling that sushi
Top of that kimchi
Bm and we too lit

I eat kimchi
Spice got me itchy
Ma shit is flawless
Im on davinchi
Country divided
Missles go fightin
Me and omega
Seoul city we wildin
Oou oou oou oou
(Seoul city we wildin)
Oou oou oou oou
(We act so childish cuz We on some molly)
In itaewon im always chillin at the cakeshop genesis race starts
In dongdaemoon im coppin on some bts socks fake gucci shit rocks
Hop on the makcha ya
sippin on that good macha ya
Right on the money cant avoid it cant be stoppin ya

Rolling that sushi
Top of that kimchi
Bm and we too lit

Rolling that sushi
Top of that kimchi
Bm and we too lit


Balming Tiger says:

Omega Marvel Leeetsss geeeraeeeee~
"Big Marvel x Omega Sapien" stuff will continue to come out sooon

Muffin Tae says:

Yellow Chicken vs Green Chicken😂😂😂

섹시한고딩이너무좋다 says:

와 초록이랩 뭔데ㄷㄷ

너구리 says:

와시발 무슨조합이냐

lorena guerra says:

Onision:Banana man
Big Marvel:Chicken man

Almost no difference

랩으로표현 says:

헐 사피엔님이랑

FAYY says:

요기서 오메가가???

Siheon Choi says:

여윽시 갓김치

네스티제이Nasty J sup! says:

존나 비트 듣고 Run the jewels 노래인줄

FUN LOL says:

zoro vs sanji

로블록스 충. says:

0:26 what

배대현 says:


Léonie mm says:

This rap ! J'achète je vaaalide !🤣

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